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Software as a Service Solutions across the Standards Development Lifecycle

From Authoring to Store, Standard Digital's services target the most common pain points faced by National Standards Bodies around the world.  

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SD Authoring

So much more than an XML editor!

  • An online collaborative Authoring tool
  • With “Word like” user interface
  • Author in natural language, produce NISO XML
  • Manage projects, documents and users
  • Online (HTML) and PDF preview available
  • Optional Publishing / Enquiry workflows

Focus on content and structure not layout

  • Improve consistency and quality through predefined rules and templates
  • Author, revise, amend national standards and adoptions
  • Enrich international and regional standards (in NISO STS)
  • Support for national templates
  • Tag documents to level 2 and 3 on the SMART Standards utility model

Success Stories

Authoring in XML can help your organisation become more efficient at meeting your customers needs today and tomorrow. 

Examples of some recent customers successes:

  • Standards as Databases – Authored a popular series of standards in XML, allowing for easier import into customer databases.  Digitisation level 2-3
  • Requirements management – Implemented a “requirements life cycle” with dated status changes, enabling greater change management of requirements. Digitisation level 3
  • Controlled online access –  Provided free “read only” HTML access to specific standards related to fighting the pandemic. Digitisation level 2

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is SD Authoring the same as Fonto XML?

A. No. SD Authoring uses the Fonto XML editor, but includes lots of additional functionality including a project management workspace, document management system and user/role administration. Standards Digital have also developed custom features on top of the Fonto editor that better help national standardisation work.

Q. Do I have to buy a Fonto XML licence if I subscribe to SD Authoring?

A. No. The SD Authoring licence includes the use of the Fonto editor, as well as hosting, support and the additional features such as document and project management.

Q. Does SD Authoring have the same features as the ISO / CEN pilot environment?

A. Yes and no. Standards Digital work closely with ISO and CEN and implement the latest Fonto features shortly after they are made available. However, Standards Digital also develop additional features to support national standardisation work.  

Q. Why is SD Authoring not updated as quickly as ISO and CEN?

A. The ISO and CEN environments are not yet in production and the output XML is not used in the live publishing chain. This means they can make frequent breaking changes to their tool. SD Authoring is a live production environment and all changes need to be managed in a controlled way.

Q. Is the XML output from SD Authoring compatible with the ISO / CEN Fonto environment and vice-versa?

A. Yes. The latest “chunked” version of SD Authoring produces/accepts XML in the same NISO STS format as ISO and CEN.

Q. My NSB uses specific templates for Standards and Technical reports for our national projects, can SD Authoring be configured to meet our needs?

A. Absolutely yes. SD Authoring supports multiple templates and we'd be happy to discuss the options open to you.


Simple and fast onboarding

  • Get setup in just a few days
  • Customer Success available to help with onboarding and training
  • Flexible licence models (Includes use FONTO editor)
  • No local installation required
  • Scales with demand
  • Includes all hosting, maintenance and support
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SD Enquiry

A cloud based Public Enquiry platform:

  • Supports PDF and NISO XML document types
  • User friendly commenting interface
  • Granular comment collection
  • Search / monitor upcoming enquiries
  • Simple pre/processing of comments


Single Source Publishing

SD Enquiry supports a full XML publishing workflow:

  • Centralised control - Ensure stakeholders always access the correct version
  • Document integrity maintained - No content accidentally left in or missed out
  • Reduced repetition – Easier to keep versions aligned and integrate comments
  • Better consistency - All output formats have the same content (PDF, HTML, DB etc.)
  • Lower risk of human error – No manual conversion and/or XML tagging required at the editorial stage

Increase Enquiry participation

Raise awareness 

  • Make Public Enquiries easier to find on your website - link SD Enquiry to your existing website
  • Promote the benefits of participating in enquiries more actively to your external stakeholders

Target standards users (customers) 

  • Integrate SD Enquiry with your webstore solution to promote active enquiries to customers who are using the published standards
  • Enable commenting on published documents

Remove technical barriers 

  • Simplify the user experience - SD Enquiry provides a user friendly UI making it easy to participate
  • Dashboards and comment management module help staff process all comments received

Simple and fast onboarding

  • Flexible licence models
  • No local installation required
  • Scales with demand
  • Includes all hosting, maintenance and support
  • Integrates with SD Import for automated CEN/ISO enquiries
  • Can integrate with internal project DB for easier management of national enquiries
  • Customer Success available to help with onboarding and user training
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SD Import

A one stop shop subscription service providing a regular feed of high-quality Project and Product data from a large range of Standards Development Organisations (SDO), including ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC (Requires separate agreements with each SDO)

Get ready for Harmonization!

Import supports the new ISO, IEC, CEN & CENELEC harmonised format


Simplify your data management

  • On-demand feed of high-quality Project and Product data
  • Extend your standards catalogue
  • Reduce effort to maintain and quality assure data-feeds
  • Reporting, filtering options and changelogs

Your Data Processor

We all know Standardisation is a heavily data driven business. Every week NSBs all around the world process large amounts of data from external sources. When data quality issues occur in these feeds, each separate organisation must use valuable resources to review data, report issues and fix problems in upstream systems caused by the bad data.

Standards Digital can save all of the collective time and effort your NSB spends maintaining data feeds and fixing issues with data quality.

Through a subscription to SD Import, Standards Digital will act as a data processor for your NSB, centralising the management of the different data feeds, managing updates to APIs, running rules based quality control and ensuring only good quality data is fed upstream.

Let SD take away all the hassle of processing multiple data feeds and free up your valuable resources to focus on more important business activities.


Simple and fast onboarding

  • Flexible licence models
  • No local installation required
  • Includes all hosting, maintenance and support
  • Integrate local production system or product catalogue with SD Import to receive data
  • Standards Digital acts as a data-processor on behalf of each NSB
  • Each NSB needs an active agreement with a standards development organisation (SDO) in order to receive their data through SD Import
  • SDO's may instruct Standards Digital to restrict access to NSBs who end their agreements
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SD Store

  • Single sales to Online access, PDF downloads and Hardcopies
  • Flexible subscriptions to standards and collections
  • Set service levels, language options, agreement and invoicing periods
  • Control named user access
  • Simplify Royalty calculations
  • Integrates with NSBs payment gateway, CMS, CRM and ERP solutions
  • Future support coming for APIs, custom collections and integration with SD Enquiry

A hosted "white-label" webstore

  • Add branding and language translations
  • Configure currencies, tax, shipping rules, pricing and discounts
  • Build strong relationships with customers
  • Control price factors and profit margins
  • Your NSB directly receives all revenue generated from the store
  • System reports simplifies the royalty reporting process

Your subscription economy

  • Offer customers regular Subscriptions and Multi-user licence agreements
  • Configure sales and cost price calculations upfront (e.g. POCOSA)
  • Create customer quotations for single and multi-year subscriptions
  • Configure service levels and access rights
  • Add standards and collections (ICS, SDO, bespoke)
  • Assign customer roles (including “Subscription admin” for self service management)
  • Generate invoices and setup auto-renewals

Benefits for NSBs

  • 1 off customers become regular platform users
  • Create “stickiness” – bind customers to 1 platform
  • Natural cross sell / upsell opportunities
  • Low maintenance overhead
  • Predictable recurring income

Benefits for customers

  • Instant access to content
  • Always up to date
  • Flexible delivery to preferred device
  • Access to value added services
  • Less risk of copyright infringement

Simple and fast onboarding

  • Flexible licence models
  • No local installation required
  • Integrates with existing ERP, CMS and CRM systems
  • Scales with demand
  • Includes all hosting, maintenance and support
  • Implementation times can vary depending on your requirements and existing infrastructure
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SD Viewer

  • Mobile ready - readability for people on the move
  • No heavy loading of PDFs - easy access for online reading
  • Filtering based on metadata enrichment or content types
  • Customizable to serve different viewing-modes and access
  • Ensure same user-experience for different user groups
  • Enable visual presentation of new digital content - either at NSB-level, or as the community adopts new digital deliveries

Versatile content rendering

  • Can be utilized in conjunction with XML native authoring, as part of quality control of either data import or national adoption of XML documents, or as part of end-user reading experience in national online subscriptions
  • Supports ISO and NISO XML and PDF document rendering
  • Small integration work to send XML content via API calls to service – customer has full control of repository.

Simple and fast onboarding

  • Flexible licence models
  • No local installation required
  • Scales with demand
  • Includes all hosting, maintenance and support
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